VIP Resources

News from “inside the beltway”

538 politics
The Hill
Roll Call
Monkey Cage – Political scientists!
Taegan Goddard’s Political Wire
The Cook Political Report – Analyzes Congressional, Gubernatorial and Presidential races

Research Resources

American Politics

Campaigns & Elections

The American Presidency Project– Presidential campaign documents
United States Elections Project -Info, stats, & data on federal and state nominations & elections
FairVote– Proposals for reforming US electoral process
270 to win– Electoral College vote map
The Green Papers– Info, stats, & data on federal and state nominations & elections


Wisconsin Advertising Project 
The Living Room Candidate
Home | Political Ad Sleuth – Who’s buying ads?
Issue advertising from the Annenberg School

Campaign Finance

Open Secrets – Campaign contributions, lobby & interest group activity, PACs, superPACs
The Campaign Finance Institute

Polls/Public Opinion

American National Election Studies (ANES)
National Annenberg Election Survey– The Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania

Public Policy/Issues

POLIDATA– Demographic & Political Guides – Candidates on the Issues
CQ Researcher – Background resource
Fact Check


National Legislative Datasets | LegiScan
Congress – American Politics – LibGuides at Princeton University
DW-NOMINATE Scores– Polarization in Congressional voting over time
DW Nominate Blog
Smart Voter guide– Look up your Representative

Women in Politics

Center for American Women in Politics – Current numbers women politics – all levels of office
Women’s Political Communication Archives

Miscellaneous and Multi-topic resources

Oyez- Supreme Court cases
InsideGov | Government Data Visualized
The American Presidency Project – Presidential administration/campaign documents

Text Analysis

Information for text processing

Text Analysis – LibGuides at Duke University
Cleaning/Parsing – Introduction to Text Analysis – LibGuides at Duke University
Reporters’ Lab timesavers to unlock public records data
Scraping for Journalism: Reading/parsing text
Sentiment analysis – Brede Wiki
Diction research studies
Part of Speech Tagging (Standard)
RegExr: Learn, Build, & Test RegEx

Tools for text exploration & discovery

Opinion Crawl – sentiment analysis tool for the Web and social media
Google ngrams
Netlytic – Internet Community Text Analyzer –Netlytic is a cloud-based text and social networks analyzer that can automatically summarize and discover social networks from online conversations on social media sites.
Voyant Tools Documentation – web-based text analysis and reading environment.
TextMap– search engine for entities: the important (and not so important) people, places, and things in the news.
Many Eyes : visualization creator
prefuse – Interactive information visualization toolkit – A visual exploration on mapping complex networks

Tools for text processing

LingPipe Home – LingPipe is toolkit for processing text using computational linguistics.
Berkeley Parser
moral foundations dictionary
Using wget + grep to explore inconveniently organized federal data (FAA Section 333 Exemptions) · GitHub
Quickly view metadata (title, description and keywords) of a list of urls / websites
Text Mechanic™ – Text Manipulation Tools
Statistics-Krippendorf’s alpha

Aggregated lists of tools/repositories

Digital Research Methods – Tools for data analysis & collection
DIRT- Digital Research Tools -Research tools to find and compare resources ranging from content management systems to music OCR, statistical analysis packages to mindmapping software.
243 Text APIs | ProgrammableWeb
LEXHUB – U Penn Language analysis for Social Sciences


Current Version – WordNet – Current Version
LIWC: Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count
Yoshikoder – Homepage
Install R – The R Statistical Computing Environment
CRAN: Manuals – Reference for using R
R Studio – Interface for using R (must download R from CRAN first)