Loyola Marymount University

Empirical Approaches

U.S. Politics

The U.S. Congress (including Simulation Senate)


University of California, Irvine

Courses include:

  • U.S. Elections and Voting Behavior, with Marty Wattenberg
  • American Presidency, with Matt Beckmann
  • Introduction to American Government, with Matt Beckmann and Marty Wattenberg
  • Ethics in an Age of Genocide and Terror, with Kristen Monroe
  • The Ethics of Difference, upper-division writing course, with Kristen Monroe
  • California Politics, upper-division writing course, with Mark Petracca

Courses I’m interested in teaching

  • U.S. Elections and Campaigns
  • Political Psychology: Inside the Political Mind
  • Political Communication: (Social) Media and Politics
  • Introduction to American Politics/U.S. Government
  • Words are Data: Systematic Approaches to Analyzing Qualitative and Narrative Data

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